Recent Titles


Sexting Ghosts - Joanna Valente

Sexting Ghosts is a collection of poems by Joanna C. Valente.

'In Sexting Ghosts, Joanna Valente invites us to join them in their haunted psychiatrist's chair for a cinematic Q&A with the ghosts and gods of the future past. These poems together form an epic flush with oblique strategies for survival. Valente's arguments sear then soften, become inquiries, persistent efforts to either understand or to cut ties with what time has shed. Ghosts and humans alike know the exhausting experience of being a human trapped in a body. Ghosts, too, are jailed in their forms.' - Jasmine Dreame Wagner, author of On a Clear Day and Rings


Funhouse - Robert Vaughan

Brilliantly slippery pieces of flash fiction and longer form prose from the author of Addicts & Basements, and Rift (with Kathy Fish), among others. Robert Vaughan is unrivaled in his ability to surprise, stimulate and explore. A magician with a typewriter. He returns here with stories to hypnotize in the tunnel of love, beguile in the hall of wonders, spin you around on the tilt o’ whirl.


Blood on Blood - Devin Kelly

Devin Kelly's Blood on Blood is a poetic re-imagination of Bruce Springsteen's seminal album Nebraska. Using characters from the songs and the near-violent, desolate, and longing themes of American life that populate Springsteen's album, Blood on Blood tells a story of family, of loss and love, of violence and resurrection.


I'm Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You - Len Kuntz

In this collection of searing stories, everyone is damaged, wrestling with their mistakes while carving a path toward redemption. A mother, suffering from dementia, dresses in bee keeper costumes, dresses as Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra, while conveying the art of a well-lived life to her son and granddaughter. A different mother teaches her sons how to steal from their employer working undercover of the night. Lovers save each other from demise. Bored and angry teens shoot potatoes, then mice across a lake using a homemade launcher. A daughter competes for attention with her father’s new, conniving girlfriend. Nothing is as it seems in these stories which strike both hard and tender, taking straight aim at the heart.

Rift - Kathy Fish & Robert Vaughan

A stunning collaboration from Robert Vaughan and Kathy Fish, two masters of flash fiction, who’ve blended their work together in a vibrant explosion that is all of these things:  evocative, heart wrenching, rare in the wild. The stories in RIFT explore the gamut of human connection and conflict, where emotions run deep beneath the surface. Divided into four sections: Fault, Breach, Tremor, and Cataclysm, writers Fish and Vaughan thread together their tales of strange encounters, mishaps, accidents, and disrepair. The world of RIFT is riven, tumultuous, and haunting. In here, danger lurks and the fallible human heart lay exposed and vulnerable. Fish and Vaughan leave their readers spellbound, mystified, and eager for the next story.


The Ferocious Silence - Darryl Price

A full length collection of poetry by Darryl Price. Wide in scope, beautiful in execution, here is the work of an artist who is as comfortable with the ephemeral as he is with the gritty. These poems weave in and out of subject, touching on nature, mankind, the great unknown and the 'here in the hands'. A marvelous work by one of the top poets working in contemporary American poetry today.


Grace Notes - Meg Tuite & David Tomaloff & Keith Higginbotham

A stunning collaboration from Meg Tuite (prose), David Tomaloff (poetry), and Keith Higginbotham (collages), who’ve blended their work together in a powerful display that is all of these things: crushing, mind altering, odd in the ways that shine. The pieces in GRACE NOTES search the hearts and consciousness/subconsciousness for any trace of what is unexplored in the human web, to lay it out, without apology.


Duke & Jill - Ron Kolm

Duke and Jill do drugs. They live on the corner of Avenue A and 10th street, in a mostly burnt-out building. Duke is originally from Wisconsin. Jill is from Wisconsin, too. They don't have much else in common.


The Secret and the Sacred - Erin Parker

Erin K Parker’s The Secret and the Sacred is a collection of short stories that will linger long after you’ve closed the book.  What happens when your new friend confesses that he has a terminal illness?  When the people in the next apartment make you feel like you’re never alone?  When you discover you have hidden powers to right the wrongs?  When you receive a message from the dead?  When you find healing and magic in the most intensive customer service job in the world?  When you hit the bottom and there is no other choice but to figure out how to rebuild everything?  Sometimes what keeps us going are our secrets.  And sometimes it’s the sacred things that save us once we learn how to see them.